The story

The chocolate experience

Peter Messely, chocolatier and inspirator of Workshop in a BOX

The passion for experimentation and chocolate is a constant in Peter’s life. As a pastry chef, choco-latier he has received specialised training at home and abroad.

His references speak for themselves: Wittamer (Brussels) 1991-1993, Le Nôtre (Paris)1993, Richmond Fachschüle (Lucerne)1988, etc. Peter’s creativity and desire to experiment with chocolate, flavours and possibilities soon resulted in giving demonstrations to colleagues.

1994 till present
The constant demand from friends, colleagues, hobby cooks and professionals made Peter model his knowledge in various workshops to inspire and connect people trough Belgian Chocolates. A new Company was born (2004).  The golden cards of the workshops at Inspirations Belgium are that every participant is free to experiment and create, and it is a life time experience. This way everybody learns to know the essence of chocolate and how to work with it, and how to taste in for the fullest pleasure. There are also plenty of opportunities for tasting and sharing. For Peter, experimentation is not limited to chocolate alone. Interactive teambuilding with food, culinary parties and receptions, communion parties,…

Peter is always looking for that one specific thing, the ultimate experience. A strictly selected team of passionate chefs ensures that every reception, party, workshop or teambuilding is a mega success.

Their goal is to bring high quality culinary discoveries and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.

All-inclusive – Belgian chocolate – At any location