Online teambuilding workshops:
Cooperate virtually from your kitchen

Online teambuilding workshop


The client chooses a workshop and the ingredients are sent to each participant individually. The fun part of this teambuilding is that everyone enters his/her colleague’s kitchen and gets to know his/her surroundings.

Sometimes a partner, daughter or son pops up to have a taste, the dog shows up unexpectedly, fun moments are formed into lasting memories.


Myself (Peter Messely) or a colleague chef moderate the whole demo while everyone is projected on a big screen. This allows us to address everyone individually and adjust where necessary. Both in Dutch, English or French!


Time to connect, have fun & enjoy chocolate to the fullest.

subsequently freeze during the break.Possibilities & prices


€450 per session of +/- 1.5h to 2 hours excluding ingredients and shipping.

  • Parfait milk chocolate:

Timing : +/- 1 à 1.5h

Together we make a delicious parfait of milk chocolate that can be consumed both as ice cream and as chocolate mousse.

Price per participant : €23,-


  • Preparation of crispy chocolate rocks

Timing : +/- 1h

Making together a delicious assortment of crunchy chocolate rocks with creative variants. Under guidance.

Price per participant : €25-

  • Truffles assortiment:

Timing +/- 2h with a break of half an hour. 

Together, we make 3 truffle recipes, which we first spray on and freeze during the break.

After the break, they will be finished and packed.

Price per participant : €32,-

“The online teambuilding, 100% COVID-19 proof.”