Workshop in a BOX:
the wonderful world of chocolate within reach

Workshop in a box in 3 steps

  1. Order your Workshop in a BOX online. The box will be delivered to your home.
  2. Invite 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 or 10 persons.
  3. Discover the box filled with all the ingredients and utensils you need to make the most delicious chocolate creations.

Order your chocolate moment at Workshop in a Box. Your package will be delivered to your home, worldwide.

The package is filled with all different chocolate varieties, all required raw materials and auxiliary materials to make different chocolate treats. This creates a new way of attending workshops: flexible, at a location of your choice and with respect for teamspirit and creativity.

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“A wonderful and relaxing workshop”

 “I recently participated in a team building session at work (WFRGent nv), during which we enjoyed a chocolate workshop. I just wanted to let you know that this was very well-received by many of my colleagues ? I couldn’t take part myself, but I did it this afternoon with the children and it was a success. The person who held the workshop also made a great effort to involve us and regularly shared interesting facts without being pedantic.

Well done !

Thank you for a professional and yet extremely relaxing workshop!”


Ine (WFRGent nv)

Online teambuilding in 3 steps

  1. Choose your online teambuilding workshop here;
  2. The BOX with utensils is sent individually to each participant
  3. Enjoy the delicious Workshop in a BOX with your team or friends.

The fun part of this teambuilding is that everyone steps into the kitchen of his/her colleague. Sometimes a partner, daughter or son pops up to have a taste, the dog shows up unexpectedly, ... in short: through the online teambuilding, fun moments are formed into lasting memories.

Ideas in a box? Got a fun concept for a workshop? Let us know!